Teralta and Chemtrade produce clean hydrogen for pulp mill in Prince George, Canada

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Work for the Prince George project began in 2022, the first initiative in Teralta’s hydrogen strategy to develop utility-scale low-carbon hydrogen for industrial operations.

Our partner, Chemtrade, supplies by-product hydrogen generated from it’s sodium chlorate facility in Prince George. Teralta will clean the hydrogen and repurpose it for use by the pulp mill.

The clean hydrogen is estimated to displace about 25% of the gas energy requirements for the pulp mill, which would reduce CO2 emissions by about 700,000 tonnes across the life of the project.

With Teralta’s model, hydrogen sources at Chemtrade’s site will be transported to the pulp mill for its heating system. Teralta will clean the hydrogen, selling it to the utility for disbribution to the mill.

Up to 500K GJ

Clean hydrogen consumed to power the mill.

Up to -700K t

CO2 reduction across the life of the project.

Estimated -25%

Annual reduction in natural gas.
Chemtrade receives a portion of the profits from the sale of the gas. Along with offsetting increasingly expensive energy costs, the project will allow Chemtrade to monetize an existing asset with no investment or up front costs. AdvanTec will manufacture all of the specialized industrial infrastructure and components for the project.


Chemtrade is the hydrogen supply partner, providing by-product hydrogen produced by its facility in Prince George, generated in the production of sodium chlorate for pulp bleaching.

Prince George


The pulp mill in Prince George will receive the clean hydrogen, piping it into the heating system, displacing natural gas consumption by about 25% and reducing emissions for a cleaner operation.



AdvanTec provides the turnkey manufacturing and integration of the hydrogen capture and compression systems used to power the project.

The project in Prince George was complex but immensely satisfying as an important first step in our journey to a future where hydrogen is readily accessible at cost parity with fossil fuels. With over 2,000 tonnes per day of stranded hydrogen across North America that can be recovered and sold, we’re just getting started. Our second by-product hydrogen project is already in the works so stay tuned.

Simon Pickup

CEO, Teralta

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