Teralta delivers hydrogen power to the film industry. Take one.

Crawford Filmworks
Crawford Filmworks

Powering an on-location film shoot has always been problematic. Saddled with suboptimal solutions including diesel generators and battery packs, the industry faces increasing pressure from local governments and communities to support a more sustainable (and quieter) energy model.

Working with Crawford Filmworks, Teralta launched a beta project to showcase how clean hydrogen easily fulfills all of the energy requirements for the industry, including powering on-location shoots as well as hydrogen-powered production vehicles.

The Project

Teralta worked with our partner AdvanTec to build a hydrogen processing unit (HPU). The unit is optimized for portability and was transported, along with a supply of hydrogen, to the on-location site. The crew followed the same set up and safety protocols as with traditional power sources already in use within the industry, such as propane.
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Watch the beta film shoot where Teralta supplied mobile hydrogen to power the Crawford Film Production project.

The Outcome

The Teralta HPU provided a consistent supply of clean, quiet, high-voltage power for the film shoot.


Hydrogen generators–unlike diesel–don’t burn fuel all the time. Instead, the hydrogen is used intermittently to charge the batteries as needed.


With such a quiet set, shooting went into the night without any complaints or requests for a noise curfew extension.


News of the hydrogen beta immediately went viral, with industry groups, unions, rental companies, and large studios reaching out to learn more.

Did the hydrogen generator deliver power? Yes. Was it silent? Yes. Did people love it? Yes. These are amazing results! It’s a fantastic technology that we believe is the future in power generation for the film industry. It’s just a matter of how soon. We’re working with Teralta to ensure it’s as soon as possible.

Jacob Crawford

President, Crawford Filmworks

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